zdSCADA installs and maintains cellular and satellite modems that connect directly to your electronic flow meter, tank gauge, compressor, or other RTU device.

Equipment Supported:

  • ABB Totalflow
  • Cameron Scanner
  • Bristol Babcock
  • Thermo Scientific AutoPilot
  • Kimray DACC
  • Emerson Floboss
  • Murphy TTD
  • Modbus RTU
  • And More



Data can be collected on demand or on a schedule. Virtually unlimited on-demand polling.

  • Completely Web-based, no software to install on your computer.
  • Hourly, Daily, and Configuration logs uploaded automatically.
  • No limit on storage. All historical data is kept indefinitely.
  • Comprehensive security. All communication with our servers take place over SSL connections.
  • All data is mirrored between two servers and full snapshots are taken once a day and moved to a third site.
  • Import tools are available to bring in your existing data.



Review status information in near real-time with graphical gauges, valves, tanks, and more.



Control your equipment remotely.


  • Change plunger settings
  • Open and close valves
  • Update gas analysis
  • Update date / time



Configure alarm set points on virtually any data point. Be instantly notified via text or phone call when a tank level or pipeline pressure exceeds a set threshold.

Custom alarms can be configured using Excel-like formulas to monitor complex variables such as pressure delta between two points.

Build notification schemes to require alarm acknowledgement from field personnel. The first responder group can be notified first, and a second group can be notified if the alarm isn't acknowledged in a timely manner.



Use our report designer to view only the data that matters to you. Schedule the reports to auto-email once a day, week, or month.

Excel and PDF format are both supported.



View historical trends graphically.



Upload .kmz files to add a map layer containing your pipelines and assets.



zdSCADA's Logbook app allows field personnel to manually input readings that are not electronically monitored.




Access your data on-the-go with our site specifically built for mobile.